Savage Attack on Lord of the Peeps Actors

The suspect's mugshot.

ENTROPIA (Peepers) - Joy turned to tragedy today. The four peep actors who had been injured in this afternoon’s mysterious kidnapping incident were released from the hospital after being treated for shock and minor injuries. All of them elected to return to the set, where their return was greeted with cheers.

Filming had not yet recommenced, however, when tragedy struck. Sean Peepstin and Viggo Mortenpeep were found squashed in one of the lots. Sirens were heard for the second time today as they were rushed to the hospital, where they are reported to be in critical yet stable condition.

Evidence on the scene – specifically, it is hinted, the presence of sock prints and pink sock fuzz – made the police instantly suspicious. Authorities promptly confronted one of the producers with the crime. The producer, whose name has not been released, at first tried to bluff it out, claiming never to have walked in the area at all. Then, abruptly switching her story, she said that she had walked through the area ‘a little while ago’ but was sure she ‘hadn’t stepped on anything’.

The police were unconvinced, booking her instantly on charges of First Degree Squashing. Adding to the evidence against the producer was the fact that this was not her first offense. Earlier this year, she was found to have stepped on the actor Sir Ian Peep. This earlier incident was dismissed as an accident, but today’s events cast a far more sinister light on it.

The studio has refused to comment.