Mysterious Attacks on Lord of the Peeps Set

The scene of the dramatic rescue.

ENTROPIA (Peepers) - Fear and speculation were running rampant earlier today at Entropy House Productions when several of their actors turned up missing. Sean Peepstin, Domonic Bunnyhan, Viggo Mortenpeep, and an unnamed Orc extra failed to show up for filming, prompting a wide search.

When this failed to find them, emergency and rescue officials were called in. After many tense minutes, three of the actors were located. Sean Peepstin, Viggo Mortenpeep, and the extra were all found hidden under a bed. The actors were in a state of shock, and covered with numerous puncture wounds. The hospital has not yet released an official statement on their condition, but witnesses on the scene said that it looked ‘almost like they’d been chewed’.

However, an extensive search in the area of the bed failed to locate Dominic Bunnyhan. Peeps were beginning to fear the worst when a faint cry led rescue workers to discover him wedged under a piano. The actor was conscious, but unable to escape on his own, and suffering from the same puncture wounds as the other actors. One of the producers lay flat to encourage him until rescue workers could return with the necessary equipment. Finally, the Spoon of Life was brought to the scene, and a dramatic rescue ensued. Mr. Bunnyhan remained in remarkable spirits throughout the ordeal, even cracking jokes with his rescue team as he was whisked to the same hospital where his fellow actors were taken.

Was it the work of a crazed fan? A random act of senseless violence? Entropy House Productions has failed to issue an official statement. However, Christopher Peep, who plays the wizard Saruman, came to the media with the chilling fact that this was not the first such incident. The aging actor said that two weeks ago he had been knocked under a table and his beard ‘eaten off’ by assailant or assailants unknown. The studio, which apparently hushed up the earlier incident, has refused to comment.