Sir Ian Peep Released from Hospital

Some of the gifts sent by well-wishers

ENTROPIA (Peepers) - It's like a scene from a Hollywood premiere - fans lining the walkway on either side of the entrance, waiting for a glimpse of the start they came to see. But in this case, the new release is not a movie, but the star himself. Sir Ian Peep, hospitalized since an on-set accident several weeks ago, was finally allowed to go home today.

"It feels wonderful," said the actor from his wheelchair. "The people here have been all that is kind, but it's good to be going home."

The crowd applauded as Sir Ian was wheeled out to a waiting car, pressing flowers and other gifts on the actor, said that he was very grateful for their concern. Several of his co-stars from the currently filming 'Lord of the Peeps' also came to see him off. Dominic Bunnyhan and Bunny Boyd were cheered on as they held an impromptu wheelchair race to the delight of the crowd.