Full Recovery Expected for Sir Ian Peep

Sir Ian sits up to talk with reporters Friday.

ENTROPIA (Peepers) - Fans across the world rejoiced today to learn that Sir Ian Peep would make a complete recovery. The actor was hospitalized after an accident Tuesday on the set of his current project, "Lord of the Peeps". Emergency surgery and massive transfusions of corn syrup were required after Sir Ian was stepped on by one of the producers.

"I've never seen so much imbedded sock fuzz in one person," one surgeon told the Observer. "It was touch and go there, but he's a tough one, and he wasn't going to go down without a fight." It is expected that the actor will recover with only a few scars to show for his ordeal.

Despite his accident, Sir Ian's enthusiasm remains unsquashed. "I'm just looking forward to getting back on the set again," he said, talking to reporters from his hospital bed. Apparently he has been just as missed - many of the cast and crew had already stopped by, while the get-well wishes from fans caught the unprepared studio completely by surprise.

"The reaction has just been tremendous," Sir Ian said, indicating the cards, flowers, and fruit that filled the room. "It was a wonderful thing to wake to - thank you to everyone."