"Lord of the Peeps" Actor in Accident

A smear of marshmallow marks the scene of Tuesday's accident.

ENTROPIA (Peepers) - Filming of the new movie "Lord of the Peeps: The Fellowship of the Peep" came to a halt Tuesday after a tragic accident. Sir Ian Peep, who plays the elderly Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, was rushed from the scene after being stepped on by one of the producers.

"It was horrible," one witness told us. "Marshmallow everywhere, and that sickening squashing noise."

The actor is now in emergency care, though his condition has not yet been released. Due to their tight schedule, the studio was forced to recommence filming the same day using a double for the remaining scenes. One studio chief told us that there would be "a severe overhaul of all safety guidelines" to try to prevent any more accidents.

An extra, who asked not to be named, expressed the views of many of the cast. "They should watch where they're going with their blooming big feet."

Cards and good wishes may be sent to Sir Ian Peep in care of Entropy House Productions.