By lucky chance, we were able to speak with Sean Peepstin, who plays the role of Samwise Gamgee in The Fellowship of the Peep. He had just received a notice that another trip to New Peepland was required, but gave us a moment at the airport. (I= Interviewer, P=Peepstin)

I:     Thank you for taking the time for us today, Mr. Peepstin. I understand there is to be more filming to add to the next production?

P:     Yes, but I can't say anything about that here! I am under strict orders not to reveal anything. But I am happy to take a moment with you. Though my wife might say my head's already as big as the rest of me!

I:     Before this opportunity came along, you had not read the book. How did you see the character of Samwise Gamgee?

P:     When I began reading the books and interpreting the character I realized just what a sweet and soft-centered fellow Sam really is. He might seem a bit crusty when dealing with Gollum, but his concern is all for Frodo. He is completely true to himself; he recognizes that there might not be much learning between his ears, but that he is needed by others to do what they cannot. I was given the monumental task of portraying someone of immense moral character, someone who would keep that goodness if stepped on by the Dark Lord himself.

I:     What scene in The Fellowship if the Peep was the most pivotal for the character?

P:     The part where Sam stops in the field before stepping out into a new life. He is leaving all that he has ever known to help Frodo bear a great burden. He starts off quite sturdily and by the end has stiffened even more with his determination to help, but that innate goodness remains.

I:     I heard that the fellowship got tattoos - is this true?

P:     (laughing)   Yes! All except Gimli, whose double got it in place of him. Mine's on my ankle - leg... well, basically covering my torso. There's not a lot of room to work on a Peep, but the tattoo artist did his best.

I:     I also heard that you got injured during filming. What happened?

P:     Well, I actually got hurt twice and it was really silly! Once I was sitting under part of the framework in Rivendell and piece fell off and flattened me. It took the doctors a couple of hours with the suction pumps to puff me up again. My ears were a little damaged, but White-out fixed that for filming. The other was an accident with a toasting fork. It went right through my peep-foot and the hospital had quite a time getting it out.

I:     That's your plane, Mr. Peepstin. Many thanks for you kindness in this interview!

P:     Not at all! It is always a pleasure to talk with other Peeps.