Our interviewer had the chance to sit down with Bunny Boyd on the set of 'Lord of the Peeps', to get his take on filling the feet of a hobbit.(I= Interviewer, B=Boyd)

I:     How did you get picked for the part of Pippin?

B:     I kenned the part was a’ the go, bit I got it ‘cause I’m bonnie, o’course. (laughs)

I:     How are you getting along with the rest of the crew?

B:     There maun be some ye want tae dang, bit most are guid laddies.

I:     How did you feel about the accident to Sir Ian Peep?

B:     Producers and their muckle great shoon – dinnae fret, it didnae take a tick o’ time fur us tae scour the dirk.

I:     Some people are afraid that the character of Pippin may be ‘dumbed down’ from the books, reduced to mere comic relief. What is your view on that?

B:     A’fowk maun be lachin’ at his lavrocks, aye, bit Pippin isnae a coordly laddie. He maunie be very pawky, and he maun be a blitherskate, bit he acts dauntonly.

I:     Does your accent cause problem with immersing yourself in the languages of Middle Earth?

B:     Wit accent?

I:     Before you go - I couldn’t help but notice the kilt you’re wearing – is that an expression of your national heritage?

B:     Dinnae be a gawk! Haw ye e’er tried tae put breeks oan a Peep?

I:     Thank you very much, Mr. Boyd. All the best on your work!


(Apologies to anyone who's actually Scottish, and many thanks to The Tannahill Weavers)