Entropy House Productions brings to the big screen epic adventure as it has never been presented before. Come with us on a quest to defeat darkness, to save the world from the menace of unsleeping evil.

The Dark Lord Sauron needs but a trifle, a golden ring, to fold Middle-Earth into eternal night. It is given to one small person, Frodo of the Shire, to carry the Ring through many perils to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom…





All content © 2002 Entropy House, except of course any characters and concepts that may be the intellectual property of the Tolkien estate or Peter Jackson, New Line, and co., or assorted other geniuses over the ages, hopefully none of whom will sue us for our humble parody. Peeps are a product of Just Born.

Dedicated to author Helen Cresswell, whose Bagthorpes encouraged us to always go overboard.